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Thieving Dingo Design
Design Company specialising in design for the performing arts.

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swallowtheatre The exciting programme of theatre and music at the Swallow Theatre near Whithorn.


Sam Smith
Original Plus Books and The Journal

John Hudson

Toutes Directions
John and Chrys's French Residency 2009

Scotland's first themed literary event. Organised by the Bakehouse.

Bibliographic Data Services

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association

Poetry Olympics

Jan O'Highway

Kim Ayres Portrait Photography
Who would you like to be today? Portraits need not be nervous, stuffy affairs with pseudo-cloud backgrounds and fixed smiles; they can be thoughtful, enlightening and fun.

Peter Manson
A resource base for Peter Manson users and the wider poetry community

Mary Smith
Author, poet and journalist Mary Smith is a feature writer for award-winning Dumfries & Galloway Life magazine and her debut novel, No More Mulberries, is set in Afghanistan where she worked for many years. Check it out on Amazon …

Donny O'Rourke
Donny O'Rourke – Poet, Journalist, Teacher, Broadcaster

Scottish PEN
Scottish PEN is part of International PEN, a dynamic worldwide association of writers pledged to protect freedom of expression and promote literature across frontiers throughout the world.

The Golden Thread of Poetry
Poetry that connects and transforms poetry on a different level.

Morelle Smith
A blog about writing and travelling.

Peter Brown
Poet and Songwriter

Regi Claire
Regi Claire is the award-winning author of three works of fiction: Inside-Outside, The Beauty Room, Fighting It.

Tessa Ransford

Kenneth C Steven
Writer, Poet

Douglas Lipton
Scottish Poet

Sara Sheridan

Christine De Luca
Christine De Luca was born and brought up in Shetland. She writes in English and in Shetlandic which is a blend of Old Scots with much Norse influence. Shetland dialect is a lively mother tongue, still vibrant and enjoyed both for its onomatapoeic quality and its classlessness.

Smokestack champions poets who are unconventional, unfashionable, radical or left-field and who are working a long way from the metropolitan centres of cultural authority. Smokestack is interested in the World as well as the Word.

Jonathan Falla
Jonathan Falla is an English writer now based in Scotland, the author of three published novels, ethnography, essays, short stories and drama.

Donal Mclaughlin
Born in Derry in 1961, but resident in Scotland since 1970, Donal McLaughlin is a freelance writer and translator and Scottish PEN's first écrivain sans frontières.

Malcolm Archibald
"I have been writing for as long as I care to remember, and to date have produced seventeen books of various sizes, and a number of articles and short stories."

Jo Clifford
Writer, performer and teacher.

Martin Espada
Martin Espada has published seventeen books in all as a poet, editor and translator. His collection of poems entitled The Republic of Poetry (Norton, 2006) received a Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. His next collection, The Trouble Ball, is forthcoming from Norton in 2011. He has received numerous fellowships and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and the National Hispanic Cultural Center Literary Award. Espada teaches at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Liz Niven
poet and writer

Andrew Murray Scott
Scottish author of 4 novels; Tumulus, Estuary Blue, The Mushroom Club, The Big J, a small poetry collection, Dancing Underwater, and ten non-fiction books including biography of Alex Trocchi.


Carol McKay

Gerda Stevenson
actor/writer/director, she has worked for over 30 years on stage, television, radio and film throughout Britain and abroad. She has dramatised many Scottish novels for BBC Radio 4, most recently Lewis Grassic Gibbon's SUNSET SONG, broadcast in Spring 2009.

GoFA, the Gatehouse of Fleet Artists Co-op
Launched in February 2007 to showcase the work of artists in this small but creative community in south west Scotland. The Co-op currently represents six artists; five painters and one maker.

Independent labels and home-grown talent: cutting-edge styling: modern daywear and accessories for women.

Cally Gardens
A specialist nursery in Gatehouse set within a beautiful 18th century walled garden.